DNA Testing 
All our DNA testing is carried out by Genetic Technologies Australia.

DNA Testing of my dogs has begun and will be ongoing. We test for the PRCD PRA gene as well as DNA profiling of each dog. Although I have found one carrier, I can now make an informed decision regarding her breeding, and if bred to a clear male she can never produce affected offspring, insuring that no affected pups will ever be produced by this kennel. That progeny in turn will be tested to determine if pups are Clear or Carriers.

New and prospective crested owners, to help you understand the importance of health testing in our breed and to learn about Progressive Retinal Atrophy-Progressive Rod Cone Degeneration (PRA-PRCD) and how to eliminate it from our breed, go to Genetic Technologies Limited GTG Genetics where our PRA-PRCD tests are processed. Also read below for more information. Our results are all ANKC endorsed.

Although a little expensive at first, once foundation lines have been tested, the only testing there after is to DNA type offspring from clear parents to confirm parentage, or test litters where a carrier is one of the parents to determine the status of the pups. This means that you will not have the huge on going expense of testing every individual for the disease. 

With the discovery of the marker for PRA-PRCD, we can now, with a simple cheek swab, test our breeding stock to easily prevent ever breeding affected puppies.  Our aim is to eliminate the gene from our breeding program entirely.

Here at Mohawk and at our sister kennels, Hibay, Liliah, Blackheath, Auscrest, Caddarra and Chinaroad we are not only testing our current breeding stock we have started with our veterans to not only clear current lines but to clear our entire kennel as far back as possible.

More kennels are now joining the DNA testing movement. With new public awareness and now government demand, why should you accept anything less?

For puppy enquiries we are more than happy to answer your questions, if unable to help you with a pup at anytime, we can supply you a list of other kennels within Australia and New Zealand that are testing their dogs for PRA-PRCD. 

The OptiGen prcd-PRA Test

The OptiGen prcd-PRA test is a DNA-based test that helps you avoid one form of Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). PRA refers to a group of diseases that cause the retina of the eye to degenerate slowly over time. The result is declining vision and eventual blindness. “prcd” stands for “progressive rod-cone degeneration” which is the type of PRA known in several breeds.

For: Chinese Cresteds
The gene mutation causing the prcd form of PRA is present in the Chinese Crested breed. Some dogs carry the mutation and some PRA affected Chinese Cresteds have the prcd form of PRA as detected by DNA testing.  

More than one form of PRA:

The prcd gene is the cause of some, but not most, cases of PRA in Chinese Crested tested so far. There appears to be at  least two different genetic forms of PRA in this breed, even though the clinical signs of PRA in all diseased dogs look similar. At this point, one form cannot be distinguished from another based on an eye exam. This is significant – a Chinese Crested that is Normal/Clear for prcd-PRA could still be at risk for having or carrying another form of PRA.


Frequency of prcd-PRA:

The exact frequency of prcd-PRA compared to other types of PRA in the Chinese Crested breed is not known. We do know that prcd-PRA carriers are not uncommon, but prcd-PRA does NOT appear to be the predominant disease type. More information on its frequency will be gathered as more dogs are tested.


Which Cresteds should be tested for prcd-PRA:

Any Crested can be tested for its prcd-PRA status. It is most sensible to test any dogs that are related to or in line with a known prcd-PRA affected or prcd carrier dog. Due to this relationship, they are at risk for inheriting the prcd gene.


Eye exams:

While annual eye exams by veterinary ophthalmologists are recommended for all breeds, regardless of genetic testing results, this is especially important for Cresteds since there is more than one form of PRA known to affect the breed.








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